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Our aim is to act as an indispensable partner to our clients by helping them build and maximize sustainable competitive advantages. We do this by helping them get their products to market quickly, efficiently, and safely. In addition to our expertly crafted and reliably delivered logistics solutions, our clients can rest assured that every interaction will be driven by integrity and respect, the fundamental principles of our business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to each and every one of our clients while offering exceptional value in the marketplace and setting the standard for professionalism in the logistic solutions we provide. In addition to operating our business profitably, we strive to operate it responsibly both for our clients and our employees, for whom our goal is to provide a safe and secure work environment.

Our Services

Some of the reasons for choosing Jetz Global Logistics Pvt Ltd...

Air Freight

With Jetz Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, you can obtain the best air freight rates for import in ...


Perfect documents related to import-export. Legal drafts.


Customs clearing services related to exports, AD code registration from customs.

Freight & Shipping

Air and sea freight forwarding, the best shipping rates you can get online from our website.

Govt. departments

We handle shipments related departments like ADC, A&Q, P&Q, Wildlife, WPC, APC, ...


Customs clearing services related to imports and product sourcing of imported goods, ...

Ocean Freight

Jetz Global Logistics Pvt Ltd mostly provides easy-to-access container freight rates to import in India ...

Road Freight

Great explorer of the truth the master-builder of human happiness no ...


Chain supply management system, warehousing, custom bonded warehousing

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If you're looking for a free quote or seeking more information about our services, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the best logistics solutions for your needs. Whether you require assistance with transportation, custom clearance, warehousing, or any other aspect of your supply chain, we're here to provide you with a tailored quote and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to discover how our logistics expertise can benefit your business.

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Joseph Alexander

We pride Ourselves in being able to offer our clients competitive pricing

In distribution phase, importance is given on location, address, medium of transport

With our long years of experience in offering on-time delivery is extremely important

Based by a pool of logistics personnel to offer the services

Our experience in offering transportation, distribution and specialized handling services of various kinds of logistics enables us to offer best service

Our experience in offering transportation, distribution and specialized handling services of various kinds of logistics enables us to offer best service

Complete safety is maintained during the transit period

Complete preparation of Check post and CTO

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